Each week I will post 1 or 2 recipes based on the items for sale at grocery stores around the county.  So check back every Monday to get some great food ideas and save so money!

Turkey Meatloaf

This is a pretty basic turkey meatloaf. Of course you can use beef but I like using ground turkey for all the reason I have mentioned in other ground turkey recipes. Health and cost being the main two reasons.

Sweet Mac and Cheese

I didn’t really want to do two pasta dishes in a row, but the weather has just gone straight from summer to winter so I need some comfort food. I got the original recipe that this is based on from a friend of mine. The first time I ate it I thought I was going to eat through the whole pan.

Baked Apples

Baking apples is such a healthy and delicious dessert. I like mine with a scoop of ice cream, which kind of ruins the healthy part, but it is just as good without it. Now that we are getting into fall and apple season I thought it would be the perfect time to share this recipe. It really is the fall version of the grilled peach.

Pasta Carbonara

You can never go wrong with bacon. Put it together with cheese and bacon and you can’t go wrong. This is a very simple traditional pasta dish that lets you get away from a normal tomato sauce.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
with spicy celery

I love buffalo sauce but do not always want wings, so I created this delicious, simple sandwich. I think it is also perfect for football season, which is why I am sharing it with you now.  The key to this sandwich, as I believe most sandwiches, is good bread. Go to the bakery section and get your rolls for this. You can often get a package of 6 for under $3.