Corned Beef

plated corned beefCorned beef is one of my favorite things and yet I only seem to cook it around St. Patrick's Day. When it comes to cooking corned beef you can boil it or bake it. I like to do a combination of both, mainly because that is the way my grandmother has done it my whole life. I also think this is a great way to do it because you get the flavor in the water to boil vegetables in and you can create a sweet crust on the corned beef when baking it.


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Quick tip: The most common corned beef side dish is of course cabbage. The easiest way to make it is to cut it into wedges and boil it in your corned beef water for about 20 min. If you want to try something different you can chop it up and saute it in a pan with some butter and onions or even make a quick coleslaw out of it.

Dietary Classifications: Gluten Free, Dairy Free


3 lb Corned beef
Jelly or Maple Syrup


Corned beef takes just under an hour per pound to cook whether you are boiling or baking. I suggest boiling for most of the time and baking for about an hour. Rinse off your corned beef. Place in a large pot and fill with water. Add the spice packed that comes with glazed corned beefyour corned beef. Cover with a lit and bring the water to a boil. Once at a boil, lower the heat and simmer for 2 hours. (If it is 3 lbs)

During the last half hour of boiling preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Once the corned beef is done boiling, move to a roasting pan, cover and put in the over. Bake for about 30 min. Then pull the meat out of the oven and brush on some jelly or some slightly watered down maple syrup. This is going to create a sweet crust around the corned beef and taste amazing. Bake for another 30 min. During this time to can baste it again. Once the corned beef is down cooking you want to cut it across the grain.

I mentioned the cabbage above, but you can also boil potatoes, carrots and onions to serve alongside your corned beef.