Save yourself a little dough

Tip #1: Ground chicken is often cheaper then ground turkey and works just as well with most recipes. Ground chicken can be lighter so do not over work it.

Tip #2: Pasta is an item that I have not formed any particular preference to and I say buy the cheapest.

Tip #3: While some may frown at using lemon and lime juice that comes in bottles instead of fresh, I say it works just as well and is cheaper. Plus it lasts a lot longer. My favorite are the bottles that are shaped like little lemons and limes. If the fruit is on sale, feel free to splurge a little. 

Tip #4: When buying potatoes buy a bulk bag. It will save you cash and its always great to have them around for a last minute side dish or appetizer.  You can store most potatoes up to 2 months if stored properly.
 - Do not rinse before storing
 - Place in paper, burlap or plastic bag with holes
 - Put in a cool, dry dark place
 - Do not put in the refrigerator.