Mobile coupons

You no longer have to wait for the Sunday paper to clip your weekly coupons. As I have talked about before you can get coupons online through a number of services, but now you can also get them on your mobile phone. Many of these coupons are not for food offers since the discounts are most often sent in the form of a code that you fill in to get the discount. Cellfire allows you to download coupons onto some grocery store chains’ club cards. This is a very easy way to save since the coupons are all on a card that you would swipe at your checkout anyway. In a years time the use of mobile coupons as gone up 25% according to the New York Times. To sign up to receive these mobile coupons or find out more about them you can visit one of the websites listed below. They are all set up as aggregators of these types of coupons and deals.  There are also a couple of mobile applications for the iPhone that deal with coupons.  One word of caution about using both mobile and online coupons. Some stores and some states do not accept these types of coupons because they are worried about fraud.  Just know that there could be an issue when using them, but don’t let this stop you from trying. There are some really great deals out there!

Coupon Websites: