Save yourself a little dough

Tip #1: Ground chicken is often cheaper then ground turkey and works just as well with most recipes. Ground chicken can be lighter so do not over work it.

Tip #2: Pasta is an item that I have not formed any particular preference to and I say buy the cheapest.

Tip #3: While some may frown at using lemon and lime juice that comes in bottles instead of fresh, I say it works just as well and is cheaper. Plus it lasts a lot longer. My favorite are the bottles that are shaped like little lemons and limes. If the fruit is on sale, feel free to splurge a little. 

Tip #4: When buying potatoes buy a bulk bag. It will save you cash and its always great to have them around for a last minute side dish or appetizer.  You can store most potatoes up to 2 months if stored properly.
 - Do not rinse before storing
 - Place in paper, burlap or plastic bag with holes
 - Put in a cool, dry dark place
 - Do not put in the refrigerator.

 Tip #5: If you have multiple grocery store chains near you, it is worth it to check the circulars for each one and shop at multiple places if you have the time. Some weeks most of the same items will be on sale, but other times they will vary quite significantly. Each store's sales run through different days. Some start their week on Tuesday, while others start on Wednesday or Thursday. 

Tip #6: While buying pre-shredded cheese may save you time, buying a block of cheese and shredding it yourself will save you money. 

Save yourself a few calories

 Tip #1: Ground turkey is a great healthy substitute for any recipe that calls for ground beef. If you want a little more flavor just add a few dashes of worcester sauce. This switch will save you around 300 calories for a pound of meat, depending on which grad of fat content you buy.

Tip #2: Have you ever tried turkey bacon? True it is missing that greasy good flavor of prok bacon, but it still has a great flavor. For the calorie savings of 25-90 calories per slice depending on the type of bacon you buy, is well worth it.