Coupons minus the Sunday Paper

At the request of some people I know that do not get the Sunday paper I did a little research into online sites that provide the same, as well as additional coupons to people that you can get in the paper.  Some of the sites charge a fee, but if you are really using the coupons they provide then it is worth it. However there are a number of free sites as well. Below is a list of websites that I found that looked pretty good. Know of any others? Send them along and I will add them to the list.
Smart source allows you to find coupons based on your zip code. The main function of the website is to aggregate deals that are available on other websites. There are a lot of good coupons on here for name brands. Best part, its free.
Download their software and print coupons out for free. They also provide a great selection of coupons.
Download their software and print coupons at home. It is free to use.
Aggregates coupon offers from other sites and directs you to them so you can print the coupons. This is another free website.

You have to register as a member in order to print out coupons, but registering is free. If you want to check out the site you can view the site without being a member.
This program gives you $25 worth of coupons for free in the first 30 days. After that its $4.95 a month. Look around the site and make sure it is worth if before you sign up.
Need to sign up for membership but it is free. This site also acts as an aggregation of coupons and deals that are listed on other websites.
Coupons you can find in the Sunday paper and more. This website has an annual membership fee of $9.95 a year.