Money Saving Meals

You do not need to eat ramen if you are on a tight budget.
These are recipes that are budget friendly regardless of what is on sale.
Check back regulaly for delicious, healthy recipes that are very affordable.

Grilled Venison Steaks

If you know a hunter Venison can be the cheapest protein you can buy. Some people do not enjoy eating it because of the gamey flavor or the toughness of the meat. This marinade is something my grandparents have been using for years. It is so simple but makes a great venison steak.


Buttery Basil Potatoes

These potatoes have very few ingredients and are so simple to make, but the flavors of the butter and basil together are so powerful and delicious. This is a wonderful side dish, especially if you grow basil, which I recommend everyone does.  It’s such a wonderful herb to cook with and that makes it so inexpensive.


Buffalo Blue Cheese Slaw

Many people do not like coleslaw or at least the flavor of the sauce. I am one of those people that is very particular about my coleslaw. Since I love cabbage and it is so inexpensive I decided to just mix it with my two favorite sauces so make a slaw that I would love eating everyday of the week.


Grilled Whole Chicken

Here is the recipe for the whole grilled chicken in the watch and learn video.

Cost: Around $5

Quick tip: This spice rub is just a suggestion. You can use any marinade you like or any combination of spices.


Braised Chuck Roast

Chuck roast is great for feeding a larger group on a smaller budget. You can generally get a 3-4 lb roast for around $7 and it would feed 4-6 people. The downside to this cut of meat is, it’s not the healthiest. The extra fat is what makes it so delicious though. There are a lot of different ways to cook a chuck roast. This is just one yummy way.

Cost: Around $12.