Money Saving Meals

You do not need to eat ramen if you are on a tight budget.
These are recipes that are budget friendly regardless of what is on sale.
Check back regulaly for delicious, healthy recipes that are very affordable.

Brown Butter Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

photo35Everything you could want in a single cookie and more. I think I originally found this recipe on Pinterest. It also had maple in it, but I found you couldn't taste the maple so I removed it. I also added more butter to the recipe because the cookies were a little dry for my taste. Otherwise this is a pretty basic cookie recipe. Very easy to make, but they will truly impress your guests. Just when you say the name people's mouths will start watering.

Polenta Cakes topped with Bruschetta

polenta cakes with bruschettaI made this recipe for a party recently and it was a hit. The thing that I like most about the polenta cakes is the versatility. Not only can you incorporate a number of different flavors into them, you can also top them with anything you want. It makes a great gluten free appetizer base because of its versatility as well. The polenta takes a little time to set and harden, but otherwise this recipe is easy and not very time consuming.

Pulled Chicken Tacos

pulled chickenIf you often need a quick weeknight meal that your family will actually enjoy, pulled chicken is a great solution. It is something that you can cook a large batch of then just have on hand to use throughout the week with different things. These tacos are just one idea, but you can take the pulled chicken part and apply it to a number of recipes.

Chicken and Dumplings

Chicken and dumplingsI'm suppose to be writing up spring recipes at this time of year, however the weather isn't cooperating. While the sun is coming out at some point most days, the temperatures are staying cold. This means that comfort food is still in order. Chicken and dumplings is one of my favorite comfort foods, however this makes such a big batch it is hard for my husband and I to finish it over a couple of nights so I usually end of freeze some of it.

Baked Pork Chops with Maple Baked Apples

baked apples and porkMy sister was here a couple of weekends ago and I gave her a mini cooking lesson. She is not much of a cook, but she is getting more and more interested in it. She is trying to gain knowledge and skills everywhere she can. I thought this was a great recipe for her. It had multiple steps so she could learn a number of things, but it wasn't too diffiicult. She did a wonderful job (except for all of the food that she dropped on the floor)

Cost: $12 which is about $3 per serving to feed 4

Quick tip: You could also do this with a pork loin. It will just take longer to cook.