Rainy Day Recipes

photo16All the spring rain we've been getting and that they are calling for in the coming weeks, got me to thinking about the perfect rainy day meal. What is your go to on a cold, rainy spring day? Do you have something that you always crave. A good classic is of course grilled cheese and tomato soup, but there has to be more then that. I don't personally have a go to, so I thought I would put together a list that I can reference forever and ever. Hopefully the recipes below will entice you too on a rainy day, or any day really.

Fresh Tomato Soup Since I mentioned a classic, let's start with grilled cheese and tomato soup. Only this time let's make the soup from scratch instead of out of a can. Tomato soup is really simple to make and will taste so much fresher than the can version. Here is a great tomato soup recipe to give a try.

mickey mouse beignets

 Mickey Mouse Beignets
Maybe you want to pretend you are on a magical vacation and away from the rain. These Mickey Mouse beignets will transfer you to a fun time, where delicious sweet treats rule.

red wine risotto

 Red Wine and Porcini Risotto
A nice creamy risotto can really warm the soul. Yes it is a little more labor intensive, but when you have that steamy bowl in front of you full of red wine and mushrooms, it will all be worth it. Not a fan of mushrooms? Just use the basic techniques in the recipe and put whatever ingredients you want in it.


brown butter qunioa


Brown Butter Quinoa Salad with Kale and Caramelized Onion
If you are going for something a little healthier on your rainy day, try this quinoa salad. The brown butter gives it a delicious nutty flavor, that is finished off with lemon, kale and melt in your mouth caramelized onions. This dish is great served hot or cold.



ck cheese ench

  Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas with Roasted Tomatillo Salsa
Cheesy packed enchiladas topped with a slightly tangy roasted tomatillo salsa. This has everything you need on a cold day, cheese, flavor, protein and it isn't totally unhealthy. That is just an added bonus.


chicken cordon blue pasta



 Chicken Cordon Blue Pasta
Of course there needs to be a pasta dish on the list, because nothing warms your insides like a hearty bowl of pasta. This one is made even more delicious by adding the classic flavors of chicken cordon blue. It is easy to make and something you can throw together tonight for dinner.