The Concept

Cooking With Coupons translates into Healthy, Budget Friendly Meals for under $20.

-    Plan meals based on what’s on sale

-    Use coupons

-    Buy cheaper products when it doesn’t change the taste

-    Stretch more expensive items

-    Shop seasonally

Cooking With Coupons has been created in a time when individuals are looking for every way possible to save themselves money.  The concept however is always relevant and something that I have been doing my whole adult life. It has even turned into a kind of a game. You may grow to see it that way as well.

Not only will I be providing healthy delicious recipes based on grocery store sale items, I will also provide tips that can save you more money along the way. You may notice that I use similar ingredients throughout many of my recipes. Using the same ingredients in a number of different ways will save you money because you can buy larger quantities of the same ingredients. This will also help reduce waste of the products you buy, which will save you money as well.The cost that is displayed for each recipe is based on the amount of product you will use. So if sour cream cost $1 but you only use 1/2 the container the cost is $.50.

This website is not just about what I find and create, it would be great to hear your tips and recipe ideas as well.  Get involved and share your experiences. It’s amazing how much you can save and the fun you can have while doing it.

Check every Monday for the weekly recipe!


About the Author Portrait

In case you wanted to know a little more about the author of this site my name is Lettie and I am currently residing in DC. Although this is just one of the many stops I have made. I am a true foodie, without the budget to always afford the most expensive restaurants, especially here in DC. I often find that cooking a great meal at home can be just as satisfying though. (Or at least I tell myself that).

Cooking has always been a passion of mine and so has saving, that is why I thought it would be a great idea to start this website. I have been clipping coupons and shopping sales since I was in undergrad and enjoyed every moment of it. I think my most triumphant moment to date was when I saved $25 on one grocery bill and only ended up paying $20. I’m still shooting to beat that.

I am really enjoying putting this website together, so I hope you find it useful and you really enjoy the recipes.  I always want to hear what people think, whether it’s comments, questions, or suggestions. Please send them my way.