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Grilled Whole Chicken

Here is the recipe for the whole grilled chicken in the watch and learn video.

Cost: Around $5

Quick tip: This spice rub is just a suggestion. You can use any marinade you like or any combination of spices.


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Mobile coupons

You no longer have to wait for the Sunday paper to clip your weekly coupons. As I have talked about before you can get coupons online through a number of services, but now you can also get them on your mobile phone. Many of these coupons are not for food offers since the discounts are most often sent in the form of a code that you fill in to get the discount. Cellfire allows you to download coupons onto some grocery store chains’ club cards. This is a very easy way to save since the coupons are all on a card that you would swipe at your checkout anyway. In a years time the use of mobile coupons as gone up 25% according to the New York Times. To sign up to receive these mobile coupons or find out more about them you can visit one of the

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Chicken Stuffed Peppers

I am a huge fan of chicken salad. I also like to stuff vegetables to create delicious meals. I thought I would combine both of my loves and create sort of a warm chicken salad, place it inside a pepper and then bake it, there by roasting the pepper at the same time. This is kind of like a chicken salad melt inside a pepper instead of bread. It would be great served with some kind of potatoes whether it is potato salad or roasted potatoes, or another starch like couscous.


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Brown Rice Salad

brown rice saladI made this while I was home at my mom's last week and she said she is going to make it all summer long. I thought I would help her out by posting the recipe. This is great for a bbq or picnic because its cheap and you can make a large bowl of it. Sorry there is no photo. I will be sure to take one next time I make it. I like to eat this cold or at room temperature but feel free to serve it warm as well.

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